Two weeks ago, I headed back home to Michigan for a long weekend with the family.  Even though the trip was way too short, I found some time to wander around Detroit on a glorious summer day with an old film camera.  There’s something about hearing a real, loud shutter that makes shooting film exciting.

Eastern Market

I had forgotten just how vibrant (and packed) Eastern Market can be on a summer Saturday. It was hard to even walk in the sheds, but it was worth it to see so much energy in the city.


I stumbled across what might be my new favorite mural in Eastern Market.

go gyrl

I liked this “you go gyrl” graffiti which is just down the street from the Eastern Market loft I stayed in last summer with friends.

Eastern Market mural

The classic Eastern Market mural.


After spending some time at the market, I drove over to Corktown.

tigers parking

And I finally found this old Detroit Tiger Stadium parking sign on Trumbull.  I drove past it years ago and made a note to go back and find it, but couldn’t remember where it was.  Tiger Stadium may be a thing of the past, but this parking sign lives on!

vintage car

Finally, this seemed like a classic Detroit scene–a vintage car outside the Corktown Tavern.