Much has been written about “insta-envy”–the feeling of jealousy or wanting another person’s life based on the photos they share on Instagram.  I can usually keep insta-envy at bay, or at least use it for inspiration rather than resentment, but it becomes much more difficult in winter.  I love snow, but unfortunately, Washington, DC typically doesn’t have snowy winters (or at least not enough snow for me), so when my feed is flooded with picturesque winter scenes, the jealousy definitely sets in.  So until some real snow hits DC (a major winter storm is predicted for this weekend!), I’ll have to settle for enjoying some beautiful snowy images from around the world:


Austria – @theviennesegirl

Ok, I promise, last picture for today ☺ it's just so beautiful here, I can't stop taking pictures 📷❄

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Alaska – @andrewtkearns


Berlin – @jn

frosty the snowman. #Berlin

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Toronto – @punkodelish

Snow day

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Bryce Canyon, Utah – @mattbg


Switzerland – @kitkat_ch


Jasper National Park, Canada – @davidguenther


Washington State – @jontaylorsweet

// A life with Jesus is thrilling! //

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Scotland – @a.iqb

Had a blast exploring the Highlands of Scotland this weekend with old friends and new!

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Crater Lake – @christianannschaffer

There's just something about this place ❄

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