It’s safe to say that my snow envy is gone–for now.  A week ago, Snowzilla hit DC and the blizzard dumped 22″ of snow in our neighborhood–surpassing Snowmageddon 2010 as the largest snowstorm I’ve seen in Washington.  The storm closed metro, both trains and buses, for the entire weekend and people rushed to raid the grocery stores of bread and water days in advance.  It’s always entertaining to see people in DC deal with snow, but in DC’s defense, it doesn’t have the equipment to deal with major snowstorms so it really is best to just hunker down for a few days and ride out the storm.

I was so excited to finally see some real snow in DC though, that I couldn’t resist bundling up and heading out into the storm.  We walked around our Logan Circle neighborhood and then headed down to the White House and Washington Monument before returning home just as the storm reached blizzard strength.

IMG_3502 edit
IMG_3506 edit

Walking down 14th Street–pretty much empty of cars.

IMG_3509 edit
IMG_3511 edit

Snow covered Swann Street

DSC_1655 edit

Lafayette Square

DSC_1657 edit

The White House and a frozen Secret Service car.

DSC_1659 edit

We saw all methods of transportation including skis and a snowmobile!

DSC_1665 edit

The storm was raging by the time we got to the Mall making the Washington Monument barely visible.

IMG_3582 edit

Walking back against the storm.

IMG_3603 edit

Home sweet snowed in home.